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Creative + TechnologyInnovate + ResearchDesign + CollaborateExecute + Deliver
The pursuit of excellence in experiential solutions is a never-ending journey that progresses with every new experience that we acquire. Collocating the chapters of knowledge, wisdom and failures, to bind the book titled 'The Art of Immersion' we created a self-sustained world of technologists, artists, economists and leaders.
At ImmersionX, Art meets Technology to drive Innovation.
Whether its VR Collaborations, Digital assets like the metaverse, motion captures, photogrammetry, Holographic Live Streams, experience centres, innovation hubs, museums, retail, and office environments - We are receptive to every brief and are drawn to any challenge. We are eager to collaborate with you to create our next immersive masterpiece, which helps us pursue our goal to be the best experiential marketing agency in India
Let your company CEO, experts and top management beam-out from multiple locations at the same time and save cost. Forget traditional video conferences and move to the new way of meeting the world. Start Holo-porting!
Our technology and design prowess enables us to come up with cutting edge solutions which go through a series of prototyping and user-testing entailing constant refinements which are finally executed for a seamless, unified story telling and brand connect.
We brainstorm, ideate, research and develop concepts that excite, innovate and promise to provide an effective solution to the requirement at hand.
Our team of designers, developers, engineers, marketers and tech experts successfully execute projects that are a visual masterpiece.
We strategize a plan of action, develop prototypes and put together the end-product by envisioning, designing and implementing.
After multiple levels of testing, iterations, we create a purpose-built environment with the integration of final content + software + interaction + hardware.
The laboratory where we invent, innovate, create and destroy. It's a showcase of our triumphs and glimpse into what the future can be. A paradise for every creator, artists and innovator who would love to write a new chapter in the symphony of art and technology.
An exhibition of our technologies, an album of our solutions, an experience center is a theatricals act of characters in the form of installations that play their part in narrating a story. A brand story. Space Design + Content + Technology
We are elated to have partners across the globe that provide expertise to help us deliver our end goal.